TAIRO International recognizes that the world is evolving and is committed to being part of that change. The planet faces an environmental crisis, and TAIRO is taking steps towards doing our share.

As a team, we have come up with eco-friendly changes to incorporate into our day-to-day business. Actions include a hybrid work schedule that reduces carbon emissions by 20%, recycling systems within the office and warehouse, and a commitment to reduce our paper usage by more than 80%.
In addition, TAIRO now uses virtual QR codes for its business cards, presentations, catalogs, and newsletters in order to reduce printouts.

TAIRO’s suppliers are also committed to being part of the change and have developed products with a focus on sustainability. As a result, TAIRO International is proud to introduce the new TAIRO Green logo. This logo will highlight those products classified as clean, vegan, or produced with responsible packaging. 

Achieving sustainability requires teamwork. We are excited to begin this journey and look forward to contributing to the change the world needs.